Latest Products Latest Products Tue, 21 Sep 2021 13:53:40 +0530 en-us PVC Blister Wed, 01 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0530 We are one of the well reputed PVC Blisters manufacturers and suppliers based in New Delhi. We manufacture and supply world class PVC Blisters that are made from premium quality plastic that makes them durable and strong. We provide premium quality PVC Blisters offered by us have been revolutionary development in the field of packaging. Designed by master craftsmen, keeping the needs and requirements of our esteemed clients in mind, these PVC Blisters have earned us lot of fame. We offer wide array of Blisters which includes¦   Heat Seal Blister - Usually transparent, contain the product within while being heat-sealed on to a printed-coated-card. The blister is sealed to the blister card by heat and pressure. The card has a heat activated coating. Sealing requires a blister sealing unit Cold Seal Blister : Cold sealing is used as a tamper proof packing for specialty industries and specific products which are heat sensitive, where blister is trapped in between two pieces of board which gets bonded under pressure without the use of heat Green Blister (seal blister between cards) :This is an interesting new development. The blister is placed between two pieces of cardboard sealed together. Both two single blisters and a folding blister can be used. Sliding Blister - This form of blister pack can be reclosed after opening. The edges of the blister are folded on two, three of four sides. The blister card is inserted under the folded blister edges. Customer can remove the card see or handle the product and again place the product inside the PVC Blister slide the card and the pack is closed. Used in Cutlery, Consumer goods, cosmetics, surgical or pharmaceutical products, machine parts, etc. Warp-Around Blister: Warp-around blister are perfect for packaging fragile products. The blister has hinged parts which are wrapped around the contents. In this way the blister fully encloses the product for the best possible protection. Warp  around blisters can be closed without special equipment HF Welded Blisters: The two blister halves are joined by high- frequency welding. The resulting joint can only be broken with a knife or scissors. Hence, HF welded blister are perfect for heavy products. An HF generator is required for closing these blisters Blister Trays Wed, 01 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0530 It is the most commonly used type of packaging and is usually backed by a printed material for any Company who wants to proudly display their product in the market. We have over 40 years of experience in designing, developing and producing high quality blisters, carefully designed to secure your product, logistically optimal and enhance the display.Variants: Heat Seal Blisters: Just put our blister, securely carrying your product, on a heat coated printed material, apply heat and there you got it, simple and secure. It is highly use full for all consumer goods manufacturing and trading company for securing their market presence. Sandwich Pack Blister: Don’t want to or cannot apply heat on the packaging, then go for our Sandwich Pack Blister. Place it into a double side glued card and stick the card together Sandwiching the Blister with the product inside it. Sliding Blister: Want your customer to feel the product before buying, then try our sliding blister, where the printed material slides in and out of the blister, securing the goods in the blister. In – Sliding Blister: Small Product and Larger Display Material, we got just what you need. Use our in-sliding blister, which slides in and out of the printed material, providing re-usability of the packaging. Standees: Make your product as attentive as you are. Use our uniquely designed blisters having the capability of self-standing on the counter. Clamshell Trays Wed, 01 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Product so premium that one side display is not enough, then go for our Clampshell, a dual side display packaging providing safety, style and display to your esteemed product. Avoid dust and external elements from getting to your product. A small amount of printed material can be inserted in the back or as a manual be put into the Clampshell.Ruchika takes pride in designing and developing over 1000 different types of Clampshell to the satisfaction and appreciation of the customer.Variants: Hanging Clampshell: As simple as it sounds, just put your product in our clampshell, fold and lock it. Whether hung or put on counter, there is no beating of such packing. Hanging With Tray: Want further safety. We can provide with a tray which fits and locks into Clampshell, before we fold it. Box Type Clampshell: A simple Box can give such a rich feeling to your client that the very experience of the customers begins the moment he holds the packing. Welded Clampshell: Scared of In-Transit tampering, use our High-Frequency Compatible blisters which can only be opened by breaking or cutting the seal. Triangular Clampshell: An outstanding product deserves and outstanding packaging. Use our Three Face blisters so your product can have a 3D view. Display or Sales Kit: Send your salesman with more confidence, carrying a single kit with samples of all your products securely locked into it. PVC Blisters Box Wed, 01 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0530 We manufacture and supply premium quality PVC Blisters Boxes that have been regarded as the ideal packaging option by several retailers due its elegant looks and prefect finish. The PVC Blisters Box offered by us creates a semi-transparent effect, allowing the contents of the boxes to be seen through their patterns and colours. We offer number of variants as part of our premium range of PVC Blisters Boxes which include Variants Transparent Clear Plastic Boxes :- We have developed our core competence in the manufacturing of high quality transparent clear plastic boxes. Our plastic boxes are durable, lightweight. We specialize in manufacturing custom transparent clear plastic boxes to suit our clients' specifications. Folding Boxes with Hanging Holes :- Save valuable space as consumer goods are hung up for display. Plain Soft-Crease Folding Boxes :- Amazing sale of products due to "Clear Advantage"! High quality with low price, especially suitable for products of large selling volume Fast production. Tunnel / Match Box :- 2 Sides Open Box, allowing sliding trays (Paper / Plastic) Slip-Lid Tray :- A Base tray with a covering Lid Widely Used In :- Food PackagingChocolate Butter Jams PVC Tube Wed, 01 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0530 We are one of the leading PVC Tube manufacturers and suppliers based in New Delhi. We manufacture and supply premium quality PVC Tubes that are made from clear seamless plastic bottom and cap. The seamless PVC Tubes offered by us provides a 360 degree display of inside content. Our PVC Tubes are available in different variants of styles, sizes and shapes to cater to different needs of our diverse clientele. The wide demand of our Tubes has placed us among the eminent PVC Tubes manufacturers and suppliers. Attributes :- Provides 360 degree display of inside content Unique designCreates impressive image of content insideCustomization options Widely Used In :- JamsPicklesConfectioneries Clamshell Blister Packaging Trays Wed, 01 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Clamshell Blister Packaging Trays are a range of very hard, plastic shell, formed around a mold of the item to be sold. In the Clamshell Blister Packaging Trays, on the reverse side of the shell, a bright, product card is encased in a form-fitting, plastic sleeve. The shell is then heated, and an extremely strong adhesive bonds the two sides into a nearly impregnable package. We offer Clamshell Blister Packaging Trays at the best prices in the market. Flocking Thermoformed Plastic Tray Wed, 01 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0530 We are also engaged in the provision of Flocking Thermoformed Plastic Tray. The range of Flocking Thermoformed Plastic Tray made available by the company offers the qualities of durability and effective functioning. We make Flocking Thermoformed Plastic Tray available for applications like packing general products such as Electronic, Stationery, Food, Cosmetics, Hardware, Toys, Medicine, and other daily use articles. Highlights Well-manufactured designLow maintenanceHighly durableCompetitive prices Moulded Tray Wed, 01 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Safe logistics and storage is prime concern of the Industry. Provide your goods safely and in style, try our high impact trays, which can withstand any impact. It keeps your product as safe as a child in his Mother’s Arm. Just put your product in our trays, place in a Transit Box and you are off to go. At Ruchika we can handle products of any size, dimension and weight and give a solution you truly deserve.   Variants: Moulded Tray: a Tray recognising the design of your product, securely placing it in itself can meet your any need. Get your Logo engraved on it and make it a personalised Tray. Tray with Lids: Additional security required, cover it with a Lid and ship of to a Happy Customer. Industrial Trays: Have heavy material which needs to be shifted within the factory or to customer’s factory, use our strong and sturdy trays, giving the security your product needs. Pharma Trays: When your product goes out to save a person’s life, it becomes the most important thing. We recognise it and provide transit safety and storage packaging for your products. Food Trays: The most customer affected industry is the food industry. With every changing mood it needs to bring about changes in itself. Uniquely designed, sturdy and made from Food Grade Plastics only, we serve your every need. Counter Display Trays: Occupy more counter space, place our tray with a number of your products and branding on it in front of the sales counter. 3D Poster Wed, 01 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Printed and Embossed sheets are an excellent tool your market display Poly Film Roll Wed, 01 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0530 PVC Packaging Boxes Wed, 01 Aug 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Unhappy with the traditional box packaging, completely hiding your product? Go for our transparent boxes, showcasing your product anywhere it is kept. Its user friendly and is as easy to use and pack as a cardboard box. At Ruchika we have a capacity of over 45 million boxes a month, and can cater to any size of demand.Variants: Cuboid/Cube Boxes: Simple Cubical or Cuboid Boxes, with or without self-Locking Bottom, Handing or Non-Hanging; we got it all. A small amount of printed matter can be put into or onto it. Cylindrical Box: Round and more easy to hold, with a Lid, apt for a 3D display of your product. Pillow Pack: Like a pillow we make a thinner box which can save a lot of space without sacrificing product display. Box with Trays: A deadly combo of Box and Trays which can give the exposure to your product that it deserves. Box Shape or Size: Want something unique, try us and we won’t let you down.