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“Your Product Can Be Your Best Salesman”
The selling process can be broadly defined as ‘push’ & ‘pull’ of a product. While most organizations lay heavy stress on the product push means of selling, few have been able to establish consumer pull. With the mass media advertising losing the impact slowly, most products have achieved great mileage through point-of-purchase promotion of the product. The packaging of the product, playing a major role in its display value, can best generate the ‘pull’.

In India so far, we have been content with conventional packaging means and measures. However, with the quality of life on the increase and modern trends visible everywhere, attractive and sturdy packaging has fast become the order of the day. It can make your product stand out in the shelves with a strong ‘pick me up’ look, while ensuring its safety and high shelf life at the same time.

We at RUCHIKA GROUP OF INDUSTRIES, with a strong and extensive background can serve to most of your packaging needs. In over 20 years of service to our customers, we have developed an insight to our customer’s packaging needs and zeal to meet and strive to exceed our customer’s expectations – every time.

Founded in 1979 with a strong advertising and marketing base, the management of Ruchika was involved in the promotion of various prestigious products, where dressing up of a product while ensuring its safety at the same time, through effective packing, captured their imagination. Ruchika became a pioneer in this field, providing its clients double benefit of quality packing and advertising recommendations.

In 1981 Ruchika initiated its own printing & packaging operation. Childcare, leaders in dressing the future generation & Shehnaz Hussein, the herbal cosmetics queen, among others, were the first to benefit from the multiple services of Ruchika.

In 1983, Ruchika started in small way their Blister manufacturing operations especially for Krunchy Foods. It soon added on the clients like Ajay Tooth Brushes, Challenge LPG Tubing, Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals, among various Exporters & consumer product manufacturers.

As the packaging and quality requirements of the clients grew, so did the services and operations of Ruchika. In 1985, Ruchika established its own Tool-room facilities for the development of more sophisticated and technically advanced dies and machinery. Clients like ISPL, Dabur India, Singer Sewing Machines, Reckitt & Coleman, Degramont India, Maruti Udyog, etc. gave their patronage to this expansion.

By 1988, Market forces limited our concentration to specialize in Blisters and droped advertising & printing operations at this time, wherein we developed Skin Packaging, Blisters – Sealable, Standy, Lockable Clampshell, multipurpose trays, flocks, boxes & many other fancy PVC packaging to match any international standards. “SEEING IS BELIEVING”

In 1993, Ruchika initiated yet another project, for the extrusion of plastic sheeting. The objective, again, was to undertake research on the raw material and further improve the quality of the products.

In 1994, Ruchika started providing complete packaging solutions, including, packaging of the product in the sealed blister – card pack and final packing for the transportation, on contract basis. These services were provided both, at our own site and client site, when required. The early few clients were Luxor Pens, Godfrey Phillips India Ltd, Comfort Pens, Geep Syndicates, Kaleva Foods, Eicher Nulux Tools, Exportos India, Jhalani Tools, followed by Gillette India Limited, Duracell Batteries, BPL Batteries, Wilkinson Swords, Parker Pens, Vishal Tools, etc.

As Ruchika fast approached expansion of its technical developments, enquiries poured in from other parts of the country as well. An extended branch was established at Mysore (South India), in 1995. Initially, only manufacturing blisters, the branch now provides almost all Ruchika services. A fully dedicated ancillary for the similar purpose was established in 1996, at Bhiwadi for the particular requirements of our esteemed client, Gillette India Ltd. Another manufacturing facility in Himachal Pradesh (North India) was started in 1997, to cater to our North India clients. In 1999, at Delhi, another dedicated ancillary was established for Gillette India Ltd. and Duracell Batteries along with specialized setup for packing and handling imported products.

Today, Ruchika has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of blisters and contract packer in North India. The group comprises of four major production units, undertaking manufacture of blisters and conducting contract jobs. These units are highly capacitated to meet the requirements of our various clients and are being upgraded from time-to-time to keep up with the growing needs of our clients & market.

With the growing needs of the clients of both domestic & international market, the Group got the license to Export. Blisters are exported to places like New Jersey, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.

In 2007, the group added another unit in Himachal Pradesh for meeting the requirements of their customers for the Mono Cartons & Corrugated Boxes. Today it is catering to over 15 companies (both pharmaceuticals & non pharmaceuticals) in and around the area and are in the process of setting up of a 5ply automatic corrugation plant.

Today the group stands with a turnover of over Rs.13 million per annum, commanding reliability and reputation among its clientele and in the industry.


We at Ruchika, work with you to design the blister packaging that works best for your application. We make a variety of shapes and can custom design a blister pack that will showcase your product in the best possible manner.

Additional Benefits
Since the entire process, is handled by the same team, the synergies of ‘Synchronized Working’ is achieved. This saves wastage of time and material, thereby reducing the development and production timeframes and brings economy of operation.

Vast Experience
Over 25 years in the business of customer service, Ruchika has gained a wide and deep experience in the packaging industry, as a whole. Continuous development in our technology and customer focus provided us the lead and exposure to a range of packaging, products and clients. So far we have packed everything from Combs to Shoe accessories, from Metallic Hand tools to Razors and toothbrushes, writing instruments to Toys & games, Pharmaceutical & Edible products to Motor & Auto parts and sophisticated Watch components & glass bulbs to hardware goods, etc.
  • Given the advertising background and our interaction with a range of customers, we are able to better understand the customer needs.
  • During our long standing in the industry we have had exposure to many products and a variety of packaging. This allows us to undertake best designing of the packaging of a product.
  • With our continued commitment to quality, supported by our regular research and development, the quality of our job is beyond what our competitors provide. The wide range of our blue chip clients might convey that ‘Quality is how we do Business’.

Geographical Presence
The Ruchika group today comprises of four major production units, undertaking manufacture of blisters and conducting other contract jobs. These units are highly capacitated to meet the requirements of our various clients and are being upgraded from time-to-time to keep up with the growing needs of our new and existing clients.
  • Ruchika moves closer to its customer’s base by providing regional operational units that can cater to the packaging needs of the customers operating in the respective region.
  • The geographical spread of Ruchika allows its customers to enjoy packing of their products regionally for distribution, thereby highly reducing on transportation costs of moving bulky packed products.

One Stop Shop
Ruchika caters to its customers their complete packaging needs, starting from its designing to providing the packaging material and till the final packing of the product and its dispatch to the distribution centers. Therefore the customers need ‘no running around’ for the various parts of the whole packaging process.
  • Since the entire process, is handled by the same team, the synergies of ‘Synchronised Working’ are achieved.
  • This saves multiple wastages of time and material thereby reducing the development and production timeframes and brings economy of operation.

Quality Assurance
We at RUCHIKA are committed to produce Quality Products consistently by fulfilling all customers’ expectations. We shall strive to exceed customer expectations and be the best in class by :
  • Defect Prevention
  • Continuous improvement in all our processes
  • Achieving cost competitiveness.

Above all, quality is what forms the core of the big decision, ‘Ruchika or elsewhere’. The wide range of our blue chip clients might convey you the quality standards we provide. For maintenance and continuous upgrading of quality, we undertake high levels of research and development activities. We are well equipped to address all quality issues. Our quality is beyond what is available to our competitors, due to our never resting QC department & ever-rising quality standards with continuous commitment to development.

In March 2003, Gillette India conducted their Vendor Quality System Audit and we were given Excellence in Quality System. We at RUCHIKA GROUP – to be a dynamic, Globally informed packaging technology company, by providing our workforce an environment that stimulates innovation, teamwork, continuous learning and improvement.

Our vision is
  • To have Customers for Life
  • To earn our customers’ loyalty we anticipate their needs, promptly act on customer feedback and create value by continual improvement in our capabilities and processes.
  • We will make this happen in any enriching environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect.


Name of CEO Mr. Dinesh Goel
Year of Establishment 1978
Nature of Business Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier & Service Provider
Market Covered World Wide